Grant aid is provided by the Forest Service for the construction of harvesting roads.

This grant aid is structured as follows:

  •  Up to 25 linear meters of forest road per hectare of Forest
  •  Maximum grant rate is €40 per linear metre of road constructed.

Qualification criteria:

  • Timber must be ready for harvesting within 3 years
  • Issues regarding access and rights of way should be identified and resolved

We at Deel Forestry will obtain approval from the Forest Service before road construction commences.
This involves:

  • Submitting the relevant application form signed by the applicant, we will provide a forester and a surveyor or engineer if necessary
  • A roads map outlining the area to be served and the length and position of the proposed road.
  • A location map
  • Identify and resolve any issues relating to plantation access and rights of way
  • Proposed new entrances would be discussed with the County Council local engineer and written approval received.