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Mission Statement

Deel Forestry is dedicated to providing to best quality service to our customers.  Managing over 10,000 hectares of forestry all across Ireland, allows us to offer experienced and superior guidance to anybody seeking guidance in the field of forestry.  We strive to ensure to further growth of Irish businesses by using local contactors, and the development of the Irish Forestry sector.

Mr Kieran O’Connell

BSc Forestry Management (Hons)
Qualified forest manager with 15 years experience in the forest industry in Ireland, the UK and Sweden. Mr. O’Connell has experience in a range of forestry operation including, planting, forestry road construction, commercial harvesting, forest certification management and forestry clearance for industrial development. Mr. O Connell has accomplished all of the above operations under licence from the Forest Service with inputs from Fisheries, Parks and wildlife, HAS and County councils. Mr. O’Connell is currently involved in windfarm projects, scope of works include procurement of land for replanting, clearing commercial forestry plantations and planting land in lieu of forests removed
Email: kieran@deelforestry.ie